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All jobs are welcome!! Must have completed "Dawn of Death" to apply thank you.
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Noble enough?
We are an old sky Linkshell reforming for Abyssea.
Got a spiffy new site and everything lol

We will be focusing on Abyssea but will be doing events through out the week.  At this point we are looking at Farming Dynamis, news will be forthcoming.  All Jobs are welcome, -fun- -excitement- required ... Drama will get you booted. 

We ask that in the interest of getting lights as fast as possible PLEASE FOLLOW LEADERS INSTRUCTIONS ...It is not about being right it's about being on the same page.NM strats will be discussed before fights.

How you get gear ...  (see bottom for more)

When event begins you set priority in search comments    Number of slots is unlimited but job must be 75 and up.   Free lot will be between highest priority players for Job relevant gear. what this means ... In the interest of improving the Ls and it's active members we do not see the need for a BLM to get Odium  ring.  Gear will not be considered money drop. 
How you get paid...

  You can however forfeit your right to lot gear by putting Gil in search guessed it, You get to lot for money drops. We are devising other ways of making gil for our members ( ya the Dynamis thing ) but will not have Ls bank. part of an effort to reduce drama.

Here's the catch....

the only requirement is that you save up 120 min for SAT Abyssea runs and you will need to have 3 stones and 120 minutes for Wed evening NM farming.  

Key Holders 

Keyholders may enter on any job, any level provided they are self sufficient i.e. RR, no party resources will be used to care for Keyholders. Must have at least 6 stacks of keys upon entry - PLEASE have your keys before we enter. Gear and scrolls from coffers are to be randomed.and is your responsibility   All /exp /crour /time extensions,  must be opened with keys.

 Key Holder spots (2) will be /randomed  @ the 120 min mark on WEDNESDAY NIGHTS

OH and one more thing you get points for attending various events, we are waiting for a few points to be accumulated before letting you know what they're for.  Heheh we EVIL 

Search comments  (new) felt we should clear this up 

Your Search comments should reflect the jobs you most want gear for. It goes without saying, doing your homework on possible drops for a given zone will improve your loot chances !!  See links on Left for help

This allows us as a Linkshell to target what people want most. Changing your search comment after start would actually hurt you so will not be allowed sorry for unclear info at last run.

USE FORUM this linkshell has ears !!

Look MA!!
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